I stand in my bathroom and reach down into my pocket. I pull out the eight ball I just bought from Rocky an hour ago and dump out three-quarters of it onto my Ipad that’s resting on the counter. I use my credit card to divide out 10 uneven lines. I pull out my BIC pen that I rigged to snort through and place the end of the tube on the smooth glass screen. I lower my face.
Two lines disappear.
Blood rushes to my head as my dopamine levels rise instantly. WHOOOOO! I run out of my bathroom and lock the door behind me. My roommates are standing in the kitchen. Let’s Do Some SHOTS!
They look at me and shrug. We celebrate and guests begin to arrive.
Another line disappears.
The party starts off small with close friends. I am sure to get around to everyone to take shots with me.
Another line disappears.
Soon friends of friends begin to arrive and I am sure to introduce myself to them. And get them to take shots with me.
Another line disappears.
Before I know it, I don’t know who half the people that are in my own place. It doesn’t matter as long as they take shots with me.
Another line disappears.
A guy spills his drink on my couch. How could he disrespect me in my own house? That Mother Fucker I’m going to kick his ass.
Another line disappears.
I see a girl across the room. I begin to make small talk with her eventually leading her back up to my room. I feel nothing and come out of my room. I’m dizzy as I walk through the crowds of people. The faces I’ve met but don’t remember all stare at me. I feel every beady sweat droplet dripping off my forehead. I trip on my own foot and my world turns upside down. I try to move my arms to break my fall but they don’t respond. The ground comes closer to my face. My face sticks to the floor as I try to lift my head. The concerned voices around me don’t faze me. Think. Focus. One arm. Then the other. Good. Almost there. Right foot. Left foot. Now just the Eyes. They open. People stare at me with concern. Let’s Keep This party Going!
Another line disappears.
The sun begins to rise as we get down to our last bottle to take shots.
Another line disappears.
The sun has risen and it’s dark. The blaring red lights blind me soon to be replaced with a bright white light above me and I forget where I am.
Wait. The party’s not over. I’ve still got one line left.

In Memory Of Blueberry Pie

By: Goat Lord

Once there was a Goat Lord. Beneath Goat Lord, there was a Blueberry Pie. Goat Lord looked down on Blueberry Pie.
“Blueberry Pie” Goat Lord inquires, “why do you stay so low?”
Blueberry Pie says, “because I got no legs Goat Lord.”
“How do you get around?” Goat Lord asks.
“I am patient.”
“Don’t’ you want to go places and see things before you rot?”
Blueberry Pie pauses and thinks for a minute.
“I guess I could see more but I cannot do it alone.”
Goat Lord grabs Blueberry Pie with his hooves and lifts him up, hind legs wobbling.
“Be Careful!” Blueberry Pie yells, “I have a severe condition called Dumptyosis. Any drop from more than a foot and I’m mush on the ground.”
Goat Lord carefully places Blueberry Pie to rest upon his horns atop his head.
Goat Lord says, “Now you can see as I see.”
The Duo creep along the mountain path passing an old decrepit tree along the way. The tree’s limbs wave in the wind. They stop to talk.
“How do you do today old tree?” Goat Lord asks.
They stand, waiting for a response. However, the tree only continues to wave at Goat Lord and Blueberry Pie.
“Perhaps he has gone deaf in his old age.” Blueberry Pie says.
Goat Lord shrugs his shoulders and they continue down the mountain path. After a few hours, Blueberry Pie pipes up
“I need shade Goat Lord, I can feel my inside puree boiling.”
Goat Lord finds a shady spot just off the trail by a creek.
“Goat Lord what is that?”
“That is a creek Blueberry Pie.”
“What’s it made of?”
Awestruck Goat Lord retorts
“Water! Have you never seen water before?”
“I have vague memories of this substance from when I was only batch mix.”
“Water is a basis for all goats, we must drink it in order to survive.”
Just then the two heard rustling in some nearby bushes. Out popped two bearded humans. One seized Blueberry Pie while the other wrestled down Goat Lord, tying a rope around his neck.
“What is happening Goat Lord?!” Blueberry Pie yells out.
Goat Lord was busy trying to wrestle the human off of him. After a few minutes of futile attempts to free himself, Goat Lord gave up. The Humans lead them back to their encampment nearby. The humans grunt loudly at each other and tie Goat Lord up to a stake near their fire pit in the middle of the camp. They place Blueberry Pie in a pan over the pit.
“Goat Lord, I’m Scared,” Blueberry Pie says, voice quivering.
“It’ll be ok Blueberry Pie. I’m here. We’ve been through so much already, we can get through this.”
The humans come back as night began to fall. They sit down around Blueberry pie and light a small fire in the pit underneath him.
“You Monsters!” Goat Lord yells out.
Blueberry Pie begins screaming as the pan he sits in heats up. His insides begin to bubble within.
“Leave him alone!” Goat Lord yells while bucking attempting to free himself.

The humans grunt. One rises and drags himself over to Goat Lord. He wallops Goat Lord over the head knocking him to the ground. He can hear Blueberry Pie’s screams as his insides boil up bubbling through his outer crust. The screams are silenced as the humans quarter Blueberry Pie and ingest his mangled body. Goat Lord did not once question the humans after that, fearing the same fate. Bound to the slavery of fear.